Serengeti sign.
Entering the Serengeti

Serengeti spaghetti
Tue. 12 Oct. 2004 - Karatu to the Serengeti, Tanzania

Once again, today was a lot of driving, but it included some dramatic changes in scenery. We entered the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and drove around the rim of the amazing volcanic crater, where the weather was markedly colder, cloudier, and windier.

View from the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater

On the other side of the crater, we stopped at the Olduvai Gorge, a noted archeological site. The gorge is the site of fossilized humanoid footprints from 3.6 million years ago. From there, we drove to the Serengeti; several of us rode on the roof for a short while. The land became flat, dusty and arid; it's the dry season in this grassland.

Ling, Greg, and Bec riding on the roof seat of the truck

Once in the Serengeti, we saw more animals, including a serval cat, bustards, ostriches, hippos, hornbills, monkeys, jackals, hyenas, and a pride of sleeping lions. Dinner was, you better believe it, spaghetti in the Serengeti.

Lions lounging in the Serengeti

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