daryl's home page
Nothing but a page of bookmarks

CNN - The web's best way to get up-to-the-nanosecond news.
Washington Post - A nice newspaper
City Paper (Baltimore) - A good alternative weekly.
The Baltimore Sun - Another good newspaper from home.
The Daily Collegian (Penn State) - I write for this paper.
Centre Daily Times (Centre County, PA) - Another State College newspaper.
The Onion - America's Finest News Source.
Addicted to Noise - Webzine about all sorts of music.
Ted Rall's Cartoon - My favorite editorial cartoonist.
MSNBC - The web's ugliest way to get up-to-the-nanosecond news.

School stuff:
Mapping Our Changing World - My GEOG121 class.
Astronomy 1 - My astronomy class.
CMLIT 105 Readings online from the PSU Library's Electronic Reserve.
Penn State University - Where I'm at.
Centennial High School where I used to go to school.

Software, and other distractions:
This Week on South Park - RealVideo, for the benefit of we without TV.
Celebrity Birthdays - Wow-wee.
Macworld's Mac Download - Shareware and freeware for the Mac.
Emulation.net - Get your computer to believe it's something else.
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Download this one.
Netscape Communicator - Download this one, too.
Apple Computer - Think Different. (Think Broken.)
Chaos' MP3 Search Engine - MP3 sound compression is very cool.
MC Escher Gallery - Pretty pictures
Scroll Lock Online honors the most important keyboard key.
Timecast - RealAudio guide
Netradio Network - RealAudio channels of music and news
Palindromes - semordnilaP.

Classic web pages:
Mapquest can plot your street address.
Audionet has live radio feeds and a CD jukebox.
The Mentos FAQ is fresh and full of life.
C-net tells you what you need to know about computers.
CD Now lets you browse and buy CDs.
Amazon Books is an amazing online bookstore.
The Ultimate Band List indexes music group links.
NASA photo gallery can get you great desktop wallpaper.
The Motley Fool Finance and Folly.
Wired has been a cutting-edge technogeek site for a long time.
ESPN SportsZone - I don't like sports, but this is a cool site anyway.

Other links that belong here:
First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Ellicott City, MD.
Grit's Home Page My brother's web presence, with a tribute to Vanilla Ice.
The True Malthusian Web Page Web page from my second cousin Tom.
Eric's Spot Highly-animated web page of Eric Segerson, fellow Robert Jordan fan.
The Second Star on the Right Alex Gross' spacy web page.
Village Life A neighbor and family friend runs this Christian web site.
Christian Datzko's web page. In English and German.
Metacrawler search

Other searches:
Yahoo! | Lycos | Infoseek | Excite
AltaVista | HotBot | Webcrawler
Four11 people search
A&E Biography
Internet Movie Database
Langenscheidt's Spanish Dictionary
Ultimate Band List
PSU phone directory
Collegian Archives

University Park weather
Second opinion
Third opinion
Fourth opinion

Favorite RealMedia channels:
WRNR, Annapolis RA 28.8
WBRU, Boston RA 28.8
CSPAN 1 RV 28.8, RA 28.8
CSPAN 2 RV 28.8, RA 28.8
FOXNews RV 56+, RV 28.8
Stash Radio (Phish) RA 28.8
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Title: Undergrad Student
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