*Warning* if you do not pass this on, something as bad as this story, or
WORSE will happen to you:
CASE 1:  Take Heather Dickson of Buford, MN.  She was in love with a man 
named Dennis Samson.  Dennis had professed his love for Heather, and then 
she recieved this letter.  She thought chain letters were stupid and did not 
pass it on.  Two days later, Dennis was killed in a car accident after 
having visited his other lover that Heather was not aware of.
CASE 2:  Take Sarah Matthewson.  She recieved this letter and being the 
believer that she is, she sent it on to a few of her friends but didn't  have
enough e-mail addresses to send out the full 10 that you must.  Three days
later, Sarah was at a masquerade ball when she was struck by a  falling disco
ball and died.This is the letter:You must send this on in 1 hour after
reading this letter to 10 different people.  If you do this, you will receive
luck in love.  The person that  you are most attracted to will soon return
your feelings.  
THIS IS NOT A  JOKE!!!!!!!  
You have read the warnings, you must send this on!!!!!Eric Mancough send this
letter out within 45 minutes of reading it.  Not  even 4 hours later was he
walking along the street when he ran into Ann  Heartearn, his secret love for
5 years.  Ann came up to him and told him  of her passionate crush on him
that she had had for 2 years.  Ann and  Eric are still married with five
children, happy as ever.*note* The more people that you send this to, the
better luck you will have.