Read this now or forever hold your peace.

This is not just your ordinary chain letter.
Every person you send it to, brings you more goodluck.
If you send it to no one, it will cause somone you like to hate you.
If you send it to 1 person, your next relationship will have lots of
fun times.
If you send it to 2 people, you will get a secret admirer.
If you send it to 3 people, you'll get a date for the next school
If you send it to 4 people, you'll meet the person of your dreams.
5 people, the guy or girl you met of your dreams will ask for your
phone number.
8 people, your next realationship will be everlasting.
10 people, your best friends fine brother or sister has a major crush
on you.
13 people, your boyfriend or girlfriend, will become totally faithful
to you.
15 people, the person you have been crushing on for a very long time,
will ask you out.
18 people, your date for the next dance will ask you out.
20 people, you'll make out with your crush at a party.
If it can do that much sending it to 20 people, imagine what it
will do if you send it to more.

Real life story:
    "I sent 28 letters, and then this guy that I had liked for nearly 3
asked me to go to the senior prom with him.Then a few days
later, he asked me to go out with him.  That was about 2 months ago,
now we
the best couple.  He graduates in May, and he promised not to go to
college  until I graduate.  I'll graduate in 1998.  He is the sweetest
guy I
have ever  known."

Heather Thomas

"At first I thought that this was the weirdest thing I have ever read.
But I just decided to send it for fun.  I wasn't having any lick with
girls.  I sent 23 letters.  About 4 or 5 days after I sent them, I met
this  wonderful girl.  She was everthing I had dreamed of.  I always
thought these 
things were so stupid, but now I send every single one out that I get. 
asked  her out about a month after I had met her.  She said 'YES!!!!' 
over a  year ago.  Now we are married, and she is pregnant!"

Matt Jenkins

Now the consequences:

If you do not send this letter to anybody, your life will be a living
You have 5 days to send this letter to atleast 1 person.  You can
send this to as many people as you want to.  I am warning not
delete this letter.  It is a new chain letter and we would like it to
get sent 
around as quick as possible.  I refused to send it to many people when
made it in June of 1995, because I didn't believe it would work.  I
it to 
38 people, then I got the best boyfriend that I could ever have. 


You only have 5 days to send this to as many people as possible.
Don't forget to pass it on.  Have fun in the near future with your new
girlfriend!!!  I know this works from experience.  Don't give up the
opportunity of a lifetime.