My name is Matt.  I'm a 21 year old boy.  I have never had
sex.  I have made numerous attempts to persuade girls to "have sex" with
me.  On a number of the occasions I have been slapped by women and called
an a**hole.  I'm really a good guy though.  Just when I thought I didn't
have any luck I stymbled upon this oppurtunity.
         Get this,   If I manage to get this e-mail sent to every single
college in the United States, I am going to get to have my way with Chelsea
Clinton for one whole night.
        Please hold your comments,  I know she's not exactly drop dead
gorgeous,  however she is a real woman and would be a welcome alternative
to those itchy blow up dolls.
                        I NEED SEX.
       There also happens to be a clause with this letter.  If you do not
send this letter to at least ten people , you shall be afflicted with the
same curse that ails me.  If you do this measly, easy task and HELP ME!
you will be blessed with some truly great sex.
     So what the hell, just do it.
				Have A  Nice Day   :^)