Hello Losers,

And thank you for signing up for my "I Believe That Hacking Is 
Completely Kewl" or (I B THICK) for short.  My name is Mrs Fields. 
Here at Neimann Marcus we have just compiled a cookie recipe that tracks 
everyone that bakes it.  It does this through an three-pound
transmitter liberally coated with lard.  We are experimenting with this and you
need help.  Forward this to hundreds of people that you don't know and who 
will curse your name for all eternity, and if it reaches 50,000 in 90 
days, we promise to refund $250 to your credit card, and send you a
free copy of an invoice for $5 to each of the top five addresses. Annoy.

Note: It is bad luck to break the chain, or to receive it twice.  We're
going to send another of these suckers out once the cookies have 
finished baking.  Windows 98 will not be released - it will escape, 
badly maul the general public, and eventually become subdued.

Your friend,
Mrs Fields & The Neimann-Marcus Cookie Factory