Apparently this is true and worth a shot!!!
      I called Disney my damn self.  It's no lie.  GET IT DONE!
      You all  owe me.

    Disney message & $5,000.00
    If you read below you will see the note from Walt
    Disney Jr. & Management at Disney World.
    Basically if this messages reaches 13,000 people,
    everyone will receive $5,000.00 or a free, all expenses paid,
    trip to Disney World in anytime during the summer of 1999.
    See the note below - its worth it!!!!
    Everyone is to resend to 15 individuals.
    Please read and forward to as many friends as
    possible...we've checked up on
    this and this is no joke of a chain letter or something
    if this reaches 13,000 people...duplicate entries don't
    count, though...So, please help & pass on...
    thank you, and here you  go!!!
    Hello Disney fans,
    And thank you for signing up for Bill Gates' Beta
    Email Tracking My name is Walt Disney Jr.
    Here at Disney we are working with Microsoft which has just
    compiled an e-mail tracing program that tracks everyone
    to  whom this message is forwarded to. It does this
    through an unique IP (Internet Protocol) address log book database.
    We are experimenting with this  and need your help.  Forward this
    to everyone you know and if it reaches 13,000 people, 1,300 of the
    people on the list will receive $5,000, and the rest will receive
    a free trip
    for two to Disney World for one week during the summer of 1999
    at our expense. Enjoy.
    Note: Duplicate entries will not be counted. You will
    be notified by email with further instructions once this email
    has reached 13,000 people.
    Your friends,
    Walt Disney Jr., Disney, Bill Gates, & The Microsoft
    Development Team.