This is an experiment.  I hope it will seem interesting enough to you to
make you want to participate.
Email messages fly to and fro, all over the world.  Lots ofjokes, cute
sayings, etc. seem to take on a life of their own as they getforwarded
to more and more email addresses.  I've often thought that it istoo badwe
can't see where these well-traveled messages have been.  I'll bet we'd be
amazed at the list of addresses some have visited.
There is a way to find out.  Just add your first name, location,dateand
maybe a very short comment to the bottom of this message and sendit out
to your list of email friends.(Copy & Paste the message to a newe mail
screen then add your name and send.)Eventually it may return to you. If it
does, you'll be able to see all the places it has been since itfirst
left your computer.