His eyes, are like crystal blue streams,
   His hair, is a golden color, only seen in my dreams,
   His skin, is as soft and smooth as silk, 
   and looks as creamy as fresh, cold milk.
   When I look at him,
   and hear his voice, 
   my heart beats faster, 
   it has no choice.
   My stomache flutters endlessly,
   I only wish,
   that he could see,
   how much his love,
   means to me.
   I'm sorry, but you have been one of the very many who have been
chosen to forward this chain letter.  It was started June 7, 1997, and will keep on going until some lazy and disrespectful person decides not to send it. 
   If you do send it:
   In 5 days maximum, someone you love will either ask you out or tell you
they love you.  If you do not believe in this,  then at least try it and see for yourself.  There's nothing too lose!!  When I first recieved a chain letter- I thought it was just garbage.  I thought," Yeah right, like
he's really gonna ask me out in 5 days just because I forwarded a chain
letter to 27 teens,"  But I sent 32 of them, and to my surprise,  he called me up on the 5th day from when I sent them, and asked me out.  We are still going out this very second.  That was about a month and a half ago.  We are very happy together, and plan to be that way for a long time.  So just give it a try- you'll be surprised!!  You will also be recognized by someone who kept the letter going in a couple of years.
   If you don't send it:
   The consequences are if you don't send it, you will have bad luck in
relationships for the rest of your life.  Believe me, you'll regret it. 
   So, I hope after reading this you will forward it to at least 27
teens in 5 days.