Sorry,  but this chain letter is for real. When I got it the first time,
I ignored it and a week later the "love of my life" for 6-months dumped me
for no good reason. So beware, and just send the stupid letter!!!!!!

   This chain letter started in 1887.  It is a love chain letter.  In 5 days
you are suppose to send it to 25 teens.  (It is easy, just look into chat
rooms to find them.)  Anyway, send it to 25 teens in 5 days.  Now here comes
the fun part.  You then say the name of the person you like or love and then
the person will say "I love you" or "Will you go out with me?"
                                            NO JOKE!!!!!!

    The Lovers of the Heart 

     In order to form a more perfect kiss, enable the mighty hug to promote
to whom we please but one kiss.

     Article 1: Statement of Love: The Kiss
     1. Kiss on the hand.... I adore you
     2. Kiss on the cheek... I just want to be friends
     3. Kiss on the neck... I want you
     4. Kiss on the lips... I love you
     5. Kiss on the ears... I am just playing
     6. Kiss anywhere else... lets not get carried away
     7. Look in your eyes... kiss me
     8. Playing with your hair... I can't live without you
     9. Hand on your waist... I love you to much to let you go

     Article 2: The Three Steps
     1. Girls: If any guys gets fresh with you, slap him
     2. Guys: If any girl slaps you, her intentions are still good
     3. Guy and Girls: Close your eyes when kissig, it is rude to stare

     Article 3: The Commandments
     1.  Thou shall not squeeze to hard.
     2. Thou shall not ask for a kiss, just give one or take one.
     3. Thou shall kiss at every opportunity.

    ( Article 4: You must make 25 copies within 5 days or you will have bad
luck for seven years in relationships)