Need some extra $$$ for the summer? Sure, everyone does. Thisprogram has been
  going on for 15 summers, by mail, then e-mail. It is really verysimple.
  Attatched to this message is a tracking program. Every person yousend this
  message to, you earn $10.00. If they send it to someone else, youearn another
  $5.00, so on and so on. So basically, the more people you send thisto, the
  more $$$ you will earn. This is funded by National Banks everywhere,that
  believe that summers should be fun for children, the world's futureand should
  learn how to manage $$$.    Real stories:
      "Okay, I was 19 when I recived this letter two summers ago. Iwas just
  starting up my own DJ business, and I needed some extra money to getmy
  buisness started. So I thought, 'What the heck, I'll send it to myfriends'. I
  sent it to only 10 of my friends, who each sent it to their friends.I never
  send these letters, because I don't believe in them. The next month,I recived
  a check for $500.00 in the mail. Now my DJ buisness is well knownthroughout
  Kentucky, and I've had a great life, ever since I sent this to my 10friends.
  All it took was five minnutes!" Russell Wayman, age 21  
      "I recived this letter ten years ago. I had just gotten mye-mail account,
  and I hated these letters I kept getting, so I deleted this message.In a
  week, my mother came down with a serious case of skin cancer. I waspretty
  poor at the time, and had just gotten fired from my job. My motherneeded
  money for her operation, or else she'd die from cancer. My husbandand I
  didn't know what to do. His monthly income just paid our neccesarybills, like
  electricity and water. That day, when I checked my e-mail again,this same
  letter had been sent to me again. My mom was about to die, so Idecided I'd
  try anything. So that day I sent it out to 100 people I had metonline, and my
  friends. My mother had been moved into critical condition, and wasat the
  brink of death. A week later, I recived a check in the mail for$1,000,000.00,
  enough money for my mothers operation. She is well now, thanks to this
  letter." Sarah Thomasman, age 43      
  As you can see, all you need to do, is send this out to as manypeople as you
  can. From a week to a month later, you will recive a check in themail for a
  certain amount of money, depending on how many people you sent itto, and who
  they sent it to. Good luck, and await the check!