Subject: FW: FW: Free Shoes Just a quick note to tell you about a program that
Nikestarted to help make fields and playgrounds for theunderprivileged from
old tennis shoes. All YOU have to do is send in your old tennis shoes (NO
MATTERWHAT THEY LOOK LIKE) with a piece of paper that has your nameand address
on it, and Nike will send you a brand new pairback FREE OF COST!!! The tennis
shoes you send DO NOT have tobe Nike. Just as long as they are tennis shoes.
It really is aworthwhile project, and it's helping a lot of young kids. Here
is the address: Nike Recycling Center c/o Reuse-A-Shoe 26755 SW 95th Street
Wilsonville, OR 97070 Please send in your shoes. Otherwise you are just going
tothrow them away and they go to waste. This way someone can getsome use out
of them. Nike really does send you a BRAND NEW pair of shoes even ifyou send
in K-Swiss. Pass this to anyone and everyone you knowso everybody can help