Okay everybody so here's the deal.  Copy this entire e-mail and change
the answers so that they apply to you...then send it to everyone you
know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.  You should get back a lot of
"get - to-know you"  e-mails. You'll learn a lot about your friends you
didn't know a whole lot about!
This is not a chain letter you dont have to do anything. Nothing bad
will happen to you. So let the show begin!

Full Name: 
Date of Birth: 
Best Friends: 
Best Advice: 
Words or phrases you use too much: cool, 
Sport or game in which you excell the most in:
Coolest Experience: 
Scariest Thing You've Ever Done: 
Fave Things To Do in summer: 
Fave things to do in Winter: 
Least Fave Thing I Have Ever Done: 
Character Traits You Look for in Friends:
Special Skills or Talents:
Fave Bands:
Fave Color:
Fave Food:
Least Fave Food:
Fave Vacation:
Fave Subject:
Fave Movie:
Fave Animal:
Fave T.V. Show:
Fave Day:
Fave Month:
Fave Holidays:
Fave things to wear: