Every day, hundreds of puppies are killed. Why? Because they are sick. They
are kept in "puppy mills", and then are shipped to pet stores. If a dog is
bought in a pet store it may die easily. The poor puppies in the mills aren't
even let out to go to the bathroom, they just go one each other. Or the waste
from a cage above will fall, into the other cage under it.  
  What is a puppy mill? A puppy mill is a big buliding that, everywhere you go
their are puppies suffering. Puppy mill means, a big breeding house for dogs.
Thats all they do their, breed, breed, breed and more breeding. Then the
puppies are sent off to pet stores, and will most likely die after 6 months of
age.    What can you do about it? You can do much about it! Just forward this
to as many people as you can. Then $1.00 of every e-mail address you write will be
donated to saving a puppy.   
  Could you just spare 5-10 minutes to save poor puppies lives? If not,then
it shows that you don't care about puppies. Please! All you have to do is
forward this to as many people as you can!                                     
  If you send this to as many people as possible then you might be the winner!
The winner who sended more e-mails then anyone else did. Here is what you
might win:    Your name will be posted for awards on many animal websites.  
  You will be able to pick from one of the many TY dogs.				  
  Do this for the puppies, it can save their lives! It really can :o)-