Do you know the theory - That everyone in the world is separated from
eachother by 6 or less people?  For example, I pick a random person that I
don'tknow.  Well, I know someone (firstdegree), who knows someone (2nd),
whoknows someone (3rd), who knows someone (4th), who knows someone (5th),
whoknows someone (6th), WHO KNOWS THE RANDOM PERSON. When you first think
aboutit, it doesn't seem possible. But think of it like this: Say you know
1,000people, each of them knows 1,000 people, each of them knows 1,000
etc.(Inactuality, we all know more people than 1000). If you multiply it out
itcomes out to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 people. Now it seemspossible.   
So let's test out the theory. Here's how: I'll be the first person toput my 
name on the list, included with the city and state I grew up in, myage, and
where I live now.  I'll also include today's date so we'll be ableto see how
long it takes.  I will send this letter to everyone I know whohas an email
address. They will add their names and other info to the listbelow mine, and
then send it to everyone they know. HERE'S THE KEY: After you put your name on
the list it should eventually    come back to you from other people.  If you
see someone's name on the    list that you know, send them an email to let
them know.Here goes: Add your name below mine.
1.  Paula Cinnamon, No. Brunswick, NJ, 30, Miami Bch, Fl  10/31/96
2.  Sandi Zuckerman, No. Miami Bch., FL, 29, Coconut Grove, FL  10/31/96
3.  Tammy Koleszar, Mercerville, NJ, 26, Golden Beach, FL  10/31/96
4.  Gina Castellano, Miami, FL, 26, Hallandale, FL 11/1/96
5.  Yolanda Nicado, Madrid, Spain, 27, Miami, FL 10/31/96
6.  Cathy Jo Hejna, Miami, FL, 25, Chicago, IL 11/1/96
7.  Christine Tremblay, Hoffman Estates, IL, 17, Charleston, IL 11/3/96
8.  Michael J. Sacks, Hoffman Estates, IL, 18, Urbana, IL  11/3/96
9.  Sarah Day, Winston-Salem, N.C., 18, South Bend, IN  11/3/96
10. Jason Elek, South Bend, IN, 18, South Bend, IN  11/3/96
11. Sara May Brandt, Hoffman Estates, IL, 18, South Bend, IN  11/4/96
12. Doug Vor Keller, Streamwood, IL, 17, Urbana, IL 11/4/96
13. Mike Wikman, Fridley, MN, 18, Urbana, IL 11/4/96
14. Aarti Dhupelia, Barrington, IL, 18, Evanston, IL 11/4/96
15.. Michelle Zemel, Wilmette, IL, 18, Evanston, IL 11/4/96
16. Catherine Spector, Winnetka, IL, 18, New Haven, CT 11/4/96
17. Carolyn Nguyen, Manhattan Beach, CA, 18, New Haven, CT  11/4/96
18. Cheryl shannon, manhattan beach, CA, 18, hanover, NH  11/4/96
19. Heather Klein, Southbury, CT, 18, Hanover, NH 11/4/96
20. Katie Lachter, Huntington, NY, 18, Hanover, NH,11/4/96