( ?`*.,,,.*??`*.,,.->**SUNSCREEN WARNING**<-.,,.*??`*.,,.*?? )
I wanted to tell you a story about a very serious thing.  We still use sun
screen on our whole family, but we are more cautious now.  I tell you this
only to make you more aware and use caution. 
When Zack was 2 years old I put on the waterproof sun screen like I always
had.  I don't know how but he got some in his eyes. Most likely from his
hands. It happens so easily at that age or any age really. He started
screaming!!  So I tried to flush it out with water.  But guess what? Didn't
matter...Remember *WATERPROOF.*  So I just held him and let him cry,thinking
the salty tears would flush it all out.  But it got worse. I called the poison
control center.  They told me to RUSH Zack to ER NOW!!  I was surprised. I got
him there and they rushed me back without a second to spare. They started
flushing his eyes out with special medications.  Anyway, I found out for the
first time that MANY kids each year lose their sight to waterproof sunscreen.
It burns the eye and they lose complete sight.!!!  I was appalled. I could not
believe the sun screen we use to help keep our kids safe from skin cancer can
make them go blind!  Well I made a big stink about it. I wrote the sunscreen
company and they admitted to the problem but they said something to the fact
that the seriousness of getting skin cancer is much worse then the chance of
going blind. I think it's wrong if just one child goes blind! They should
change ingredients or should at least have a huge warning on it. But they
claim that if you put a huge warning on it then parents won't use it do to
fear. I kind-of get that but there needs to be a change. We did this huge
article in our big city and went on the news warning parents. Education along
with the importance of using it. Well anyway Zack did go blind for 2 days, it
was horrible.  So please be careful!!! Don't stop using sun screen, justbe
very careful your children don't touch there eyes for at least 15-20 minutes
after you put it on!! And if your child does get it in his/her eyes then get
to the emergency room at once!
                                                  ***PASS THIS WARNING ON!!!**