After a few days upon receiving the 'chain letter', the sender of this
letter had received a surprise.  Her boyfriend had dumped her, and left her
for another man.  To make matters worse, she lost her job of 3 years, all
because she had not sent 20 letters within 96 hours of receiving what she
terms as 'that damn letter.'

A couple of days later, the sender of this letter decided to search for '
that damn letter' in the hopes that something good might come out of it, as
it had happened to other people who had received the letter.

However, as she began to make 20 copies of the 'cursed letter' she realized
that she did not have enough friends to send it to.  So she decided to send
the rest of the letter to foes.  She thought that perhaps it might work.

Unfortunately, her luck never came.  She won no lottery, didn't get a new
and 'better' job, nor got a brand new carů not even someone to call her
own.  She fell into despair and lost all hopes of becoming more than she
dreamed of.

Months later, after finally being released from a psychiatric ward, she had
lost all recollection of the chain letter, and had been diagnosed as 'normal'.

This letter has been sent by her mother to you, for the receiver of this
letter, has sadly undergone another episode as she witnessed her mother in
the midst of making copies of the chain letter.  The mother has sent this
letter in the hopes of stopping the 'curse of that wretched letter'.  She
sent it out to 20 people.  You are one of them!

Now you are cursed with this 'wretched letter'.  This is no joke.. honest!
Send it to 20 of your friends and a surprise will come to you!  If you
don't send it, 'the curse of that wretched letter' will haunt you for the
rest of your living days!!  Ha ha ha ha!

A friend

Hmmm.. well okay.. I can't lie to you!  This never really happened!  But I
thought you might get a kick out of it.. ;-)