P4NTZ/H4GiS - W0RLD D0M1N4T10N '97                                 
[INLINE]    For the past month, anyone who has viewed Yahoo's page & used
their search engine, now has a logic bomb/worm implanted deep within their                                
     The worm part of this 'virus,' (in layman's terms) spreads itself        
across internal networks that the infected machine is on.                    
Binary programs are also infected.
     On Christmas Day, 1998, the logic bomb part of this 'virus,' will     
become active, wreaking havoc upon the entire planet's networks.                        
The virus can be stopped.                     
     But not by mortals.              
     An antidote program has been written.
     This program is resting somewhere on a computer in the southeastern                               
    The U.S. government will be notified of the precise location of the      
antidote program upon the immediate release of Kevin Mitnick.
    In the meantime, it would be a wise move on the part of the children   of
corporate and militant America to remove all money they have in any  
financial institutions. One of the many functions of our virus is that        
it will cause an acceleration of clocks to the year 2000.
    The PANTS/HAGIS alliance has taken control of the world's computers.
    We own everyone, and everything. No one is safe. No computer is safe.          
Our goal, which we have achieved, is world domination.          
    The Fail Safe: [From H4G1S, PANTS, and the MLF]   On February 14 1995,
Kevin David Mitnick was incarcerated for the sole purpose of furthering the
egomaniacal agenda of the United States  secret service (cervix), and the self
aggrandizement of both would be "security expert" Shimomura and has-been media
lackey John Markoff.
   To commemorate this date and further etch our outrage into the hearts   
and minds of corporate and militant America, we have built in a fail                                  
    On exactly 01:00 hours February 14, 1998 there will be a nationwide  
failure of powergrids in strategic locations. Remember, this will only    
occur if Kevin David Mitnick is not released and exonerated of all                   
trumped up charges made against him.                    
    And now, a note from PANTS: 
    Kevin Mitnick was wrongly jailed for a crime he did not commit.   
Everyone is well aware of the fact that Mitnick was *not* behind the attack on
Shimomura's computers. Tsutomu Shimomura is a hypocrite, who is out to make a
fast buck & a name for himself. Throughout the entire course of his & John
Markoff's lame excuse for a book, he trashes Mitnick's mocks him for 'not
having a life.' 
     He makes no mention, however, of his own illicit activities with                             
cellular phones.  
     Mitnick did what he did out of intellectual curiosity, without     
compromising the hacker ethic. The goal of Shimomura's activity, however, was
merely to listen in on other people's conversations. If Mitnick doesn't have a
life or ethics for checking someone's email for reasons of self
preservation... then what does that say about Shimomura, who eavesdrops on
unknowing victims for recreation? Shimomura also constantly slams hackers as
being 'clueless,' and 'ankle-biters.'
   "h3y m1zt3r s3kUr1ty 3xp3rt.. 1ph y00'r3 s0 el8, h0w k0m3 u'r3 alw4yz                    
g3tt1ng 0wn3d by u$ 4nkl3b1t3rz?" 
    Tsutomu is a puppet of an increasingly Orwellian government. He is   owned
by PANTS & H4G1S. (Not to mention quite a few other individuals,                       
who shall remain nameless.)   
     The media hails Tsutomu Shimomura as "cyberspace's top cop."    The media
forgets that the policemen of cyberspace are no different     than their
analog world counterparts. Which is to say, 99% of the            time,
they're completely fucking retarded and inept.   After being incarcerated,
Mitnick's rights were continually violated.     (As they have been in the
past. Refer to Jonathan Littmann's "The   Fugitive Game."). Ridiculous things
ranging from not being allowed to     use the phone (h3 m1ght wh1$tl3 th3
l4Unch k0d3z & st4rt w0rld w4r       3!@$) to being put in solitary
confinement because the prison   officials believed he could turn his walkman
radio into a device with    which he could tap their offices. However, not
having access to any   sort of soldering equipment, and the fact that being a
prisoner means   HE IS IN A CELL ALL DAY, this would obviously be quite
impossible. He   is also prohibited from using a computer to assist him in
researching      for his case, despite the fact that the library computer is
not   connected to a phone line, or with the outside world in any other way.  
This limitation makes the task of defending himself nearly impossible,                     
which is exactly what they want.     The EFF has, of course, stepped in with
their own hypocritical two     cents ("Mitnick is an electronic miscreant,"
etc, etc). This is no   different from their actions in the past.. however, we
expected better   from the supposedly libertarian John Perry Barlow. Shows
what happens     when you listen to the government & the popular media, I
guess...     "You need only reflect that one of the best ways to get yourself
a   reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating   
the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the struggle for                              
--Charles A. Beard [LINK]                     
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D0M1NAT10N '97