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A red hook and a black and white TV

» My friend Christel and I journied to the gritty, industrial Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook last night, a place of abandoned warehouses plus three or four late-night clubs. We went to see some bands play at a place called The Hook — which actually appeared to be the only open business on Commerce Street. The bands were downright horrendous, but the vibe was cool. The Hook attracts friendly Brooklyn folks, plus there's a scruffy little cat that hangs out in the basement lounge of this place. While we were sitting in the lounge part of the club, Christel called the cat over from across the room, and it ran toward us, lept onto my lap and curled up there, looking as pleased as can be.

» After I watched "Shattered Glass" Thursday, I switched over to the news and was annoyed to find the picture on my TV had shifted to black and white. I clicked around a bit yesterday and this morning, and I can't get a color picture on this thing, no matter how much I fiddle with the knobs. Keeping in mind that this TV is older than I am, it might be time to upgrade. But I'd rather get my old TV to work again, just because it's cool.

- Daryl

A good journalism movie

» Last night, I rented and watched "Shattered Glass." That's the movie about Stephen Glass, the reporter for the New Republic who was fired for making up dozens of stories. (Not to be confused with Jayson Blair or Jack Kelley.) I enjoyed this movie. Let's forgive it the usual exaggeration of the powers reporters supposably have at their disposal ("There's no record of him having attended a public school!"). It's still one of the best journalism movies ever made. It's also a great study in groupthink, leadership, and the self-centered turmoil some people go through in their 20s. (Glass is 24 in the movie.)

» If you want to read more about narcissism, lies, and twentysomething turmoil, check out The Smoking Gun's police file for Audrey Seiler, the college student who allegedly faked her own abduction in Wisconsin.

» Okay, enough with the liars. I've been enjoying David Smith's new blog, which seems to be a refreshingly honest and well-told account of what's going on in his life. Dave apparently hasn't caught the illness some of us have, whereby we're so afraid of offending people with our web sites that we tiptoe around all the good stuff.

- Daryl

Punks for tax reform

» I have a story about birding in Connecticut in the current issue of Car & Travel. Here it is.

» There's a punk compilation CD coming out next week called "Rock Against Bush Vol. 1." While I haven't heard any of it, the track listing shows it features some big-name bands like The Offspring and Sum 41.

I'm all for protest music; that's part of what rock is all about. And I'm no fan of the president. But at the same time, something about this album smells, and I can't quite pin down what it is. It gives me the same bad feeling that Christian rock music does. Is it heartfelt art, or manipulative propaganda? Do I really want to pay $16 for this at the Virgin Megastore? I mean, this is a punk CD so specifically political that it targets one president. Punk isn't about being angry at George Bush, it's about being angry at The System. To spin it another way, can you imagine The Ataris campaigning for John Kerry? It's all wrong. It's almost like some puppetmaster from the DNC is pulling strings to get this album out. I'll reserve judgment on the music, but I'm skeptical about the methods.

- Daryl

Swamped, spinning

» There's another WYSIWYG blogger reading tonight at PS 122. This time, Ned Vizzini will be joining the lineup. Details here.

» Late last night, after several hours of writing and editing, I made a note on a scrap of paper about what I wanted to write about here this morning. But the scrap got burried in a nest of interview notes, news printouts, magazines, and rechargable batteries that's taken up roost on my desk. Ah, here it is. The note says:

- WYSIWYG reading
- spinning plates

Well there you have it. D103.com: your source for breaking news about spinning plates.

- Daryl

Work work work

» I finished most of a freelance story I'm working on last night. Now I've got some editing and fact checking to do tonight. These projects always balloon to take more time than I thought they would.

» Congratulations to Jeremy, who was just offered a job at a business news service here in New York — an upgrade from Scranton. Good luck Jeremy!

» Last night I met up with my friend Alex, whom I hadn't seen in a while. Alex has escaped from her TV job in Washington and next she'll be traveling to Tel Aviv, Israel for an internship at a television station there. Good luck Alex!

- Daryl

"I guess I'm worth about twelve nets."

» I got a call from a bank person the other day. The woman was updating my information and had a few questions. "What is your net worth?" she asked.

My net worth? No one had ever asked me that, so I thought about it for a split second. I don't own any real estate. Or a vehicle. I don't have much cash or much stuff. Still, I think I'm worth quite a bit. I'm a smart kid. I went to school, I work hard, I keep myself in shape, I'm mostly nice to people, and I try to be a good citizen. If I had to assess my value in dollars (and keep in mind this is just a rough estimate) I'd say I'm worth about $100 trillion. But that probably isn't what the woman was asking.

"Um, does my net worth include the value of my mutual fun?" I asked. "It does? Well, that's my net worth."

- Daryl

Happy Easter

» Here I am in Maryland. We went to a sunrise service this morning at a Presbyterian church... sometimes, I think the only difference between the various mainline Protestant denominations is they sing the same hymns, but to different tunes.

» Heading back on the Metroliner this evening. No sleep 'til Brooklyn.

- Daryl