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Sum sum summertime

» Have I written before about how much I dislike getting a haircut? Oh yeah, I have.

» The price of milk in New York (which is set by the government) just went up to $4.43 a gallon! Maybe I ought to start pouring gasoline on my cereal.

» Today: On a bike ride.

- Daryl

Support theater without paying for it

» A friend at my office managed to get a bunch of comp tickets to "Fiddler on the Roof" yesterday and offered them to anyone able to go to the show on short notice. I grabbed four tickets and rounded up three friends — Cheryl, Antonio, and Sarah. We had great seats and we really enjoyed the show. The main character, Tevye, is played by actor Alfred Molina, who you might know better as the short-lived Satipo ("Throw me idol, I'll throw you the whip!") from "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

» Columnist Timothy Noah exposes something strange about the "Compassion" section of President Bush's reelection web site.

» Bonus: Did you see this photo of the President? Is that a ci-Qaeda operative?

- Daryl

Solder of fortune

» I've been having a bit of computer trouble lately. The plug that connects my laptop to the power adaptor has become loose, and sometimes doesn't work. I could order another one from Apple — for a cost of $75. Or I could take it into a computer shop to for a repair — and get laughed at. Instead, I decided to buy a soldering iron and fix the damn thing myself. On the way home yesterday, I stopped at the new Lowe's by the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. (F to Smith and 9th.) Not a fan of big box stores, I actually was impressed by this Lowe's. The employees were helpful, especially compared to the nearby Home Depot on Hamilton Avenue, a dirty store that teeters on the brink of chaos. (Incidentally, the Lowes was built by Bruce Ratner, the same guy who's trying to build a new arena for the NBA Nets in Brooklyn.) With a little bit of work, I soldered a loose wire in the plug back in place and now it works fine. Total cost: $18.

» Remember my entry last month about missing young people? We just had a case in New York where everything went tragically wrong. Sarah Fox, a 21-year-old Julliard College student, vanished last week. Her friends and family posted fliers in subway stations asking for help finding her, and there was some local media coverage. At the start, it was a case very similar to that of Melissa Kennedy, the New York student who vanished only to turn up alive and well on Long Island two weeks later. Then, horribly, Fox's body was discovered Tuesday in a park near her Inwood apartment, strangled to death. The crime remains unsolved. Scary.

» Happier note: Congrats American Idol Fantasia Barrino!

- Daryl out

Filler copy

Today, I got nothin'. So here's some stale stuff I never got around to linking to earlier in the week.

» Check out this New York Times article about "Extreme Ironing." Somebody at work showed it to me, convinced it's a hoax. While I've never heard of anything like Extreme Ironing, I'm willing to believe that there are a couple of clowns in the U.K. who think it's fun to iron while rock climbing. What I don't buy is this line: "There are about 1,500 ironists worldwide, Mr. Shaw said." I think the reporter may have been taken for a ride. Oh well, it's freedom of the press. (Rim shot!)

» Did you read the story out of Washington about Jessica Culter, alias Washingtonienne, the congressional aide who got fired because of her sex blog? For the quick summary, read these Richard Leiby columns from the Washington Post: May 23, May 24 (third item) and today (second item). Then if you still crave the full, er, backstory, troll around on Wonkette for a while.

- Daryl


Two items related to Midstate Pennsylvania:

» Hershey's just introduced a new diet chocolate bar. I picked one up at Walgreen's yesterday as an impulse buy. As I started to write about it, I realized I had no clue what this candy is called. Take a look at the wrapper and try to figure it out yourself:

Hershey's perplexing 1 Carb wrapper.

Give up? It looks a little like "1 Carb," which implies the chocolate bar has 1 gram of carbohydrates. But a glance at the back of the label reveals the bar has 18 grams of carbohydrates (and 130 calories). The product's web site shows the candy is properly called the "Hershey's 1 gram Sugar Carb bar." This could be the weirdest name for a food since Grape Nuts. Candy, even diet candy, ought to have a fun name like "Skittles" or "Nutrageous." As far as the chocolate behind the name, it tastes a little off, but the texture is right and it satisfied my craving for chocolate.

» President Bush gave a speech yesterday from Carlisle, Pa., where I used to live. That's huge — the last sitting president to visit Carlisle Barracks was George Washington. It's also the first time in my memory anything in Carlisle earned national news coverage, so when I read that the speech was to be "aired on national television," I decided to watch just for fun. But when I turned on the tube, none of the networks was showing the speech. Over on the radio, National Public Radio was broadcasting the audio. I figured it would even be a consolation to hear the word "Carlisle" spoken on NPR. At the end of the speech, the newscaster simply said, "You've been listening to live coverage of the President's speech from the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania." No love for Carlisle!

- Daryl

With a little help from my friends
or Who are you?

» I'm so bad at identifying celebrities that its shameful. We saw Janeane Garofalo walk into a Starbucks on Greenwich Street Saturday and I didn't recognize her. Then Saturday night we saw Tim Robbins and some other movie guy mingling with the crowd at a bar on Avenue B. I didn't know either of them. I'm glad I hang out with friends who can identify so many actors and actresses, because I'm just oblivious.

» Actual conversation between Ned and Jessica after church yesterday:

Ned: I know a guy who's into online dating and online gambling.

Jess: Online dating is online gambling.

- Daryl

Movie best if used by date on package

» By all measures, it was a good Saturday. Early in the afternoon, I went to see "Shrek 2" with my friend Britta at the $9 theater (cheap!) on 34th Street. Later in the day, I was hanging out in Park Slope with Dave and some of his friends. They asked if I liked "Shrek 2." It was a funny movie, I said, and totally enjoyable. But it isn't a movie that's built to last. It's got a lot of topical pop culture references that make sense now, but won't in the future, I said. There was some agreement on this point, so I kept going. It's not like, say, "The Little Mermaid," which is still brilliant 15 years later. We all paused for a moment, weighing the magnitude of what I had accidentally said. Fifteen years?! We thought about this. It was middle school, right? 1990? 1989? That was 15 years ago. Yikes.

- Daryl

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