19 Nov 2008 9:41 am   //   Filed under: Movies, Review

Quantum of Something

Last night we saw the new 007 flick “Quantum of Solace.” My favorite part was the part about the quantum of solace. [Pause for laughter.]

James Bond feels like he’s in a kind of transitional phase, but the movie is still a safe choice: You’re paying for 007, you’re getting 007. Two films ago, the ever-wise custodians of the Bond brand brought in actor Daniel Craig to bring the series up to contemporary standards. So far, this has meant copying the look of the Jason Bourne movies (which have come dangerously close to out-Bonding Bond). The new Bond involves less sex, gadgets, drinking and sleaze – and more noise, quick-cut fight scenes, backstabbing and pain. Judy Dench is the ideal M, and Craig is the best Bond ever. The problem is the villains. The bad guy in this film is the head of a utility company who’s evil scheme involves— [spoiler alert!]

—seizing control of sixty percent of Bolivia’s water supply! Horrors!

One thing remains constant in James Bond movies: There is always a climactic fight scene in the most unsafe building ever designed. This time, it’s a building filled with explosive fuel cells, with minimal fire exits, and dozens of collapsing stairways and catwalks. It is described as a luxury hotel. Bolivian luxury hotel desginers need some schooling on building codes, apparently.