19 Nov 2008 11:17 pm   //   Filed under: Technology

I’m ignoring your calls on my nifty new phone!

Check out my new Pantech Breeze: Thin, smooth, sturdy and smartly designed. No goofy lights or music buttons or other tomfoolery. Did I mention this phone is marketed toward the elderly? I frankly don’t care if it’s for old timers, because it is one of the best-designed cell phones I’ve seen. It just looks and feels like a high-quality product, and AT&T offers it at a good price for a quad-band GSM phone with a decent camera. (I switched to AT&T from T-Mobile because my company offers me a corporate discount on AT&T service.) AT&T customer service was polite and efficient in setting up my account. Too soon to know if I love this phone a lot or just a little bit, but I already know it’s a hundred times better than my old Motorola lemon. I like this simple design much better than the tricked-out phones that get all the hype these days. The old folks are all right.

Just two complaints:

  1. Lots of AT&T phones come with a rebates, and the rebate for this one is $50. Nothing to sneeze at. But why does AT&T ask me to fill out a paper form, cut a bar code off the side of a box, and send a photocopy of my shipping label in order to claim my $50? AT&T sold me this phone. They have all of this information on file already. This just feels like an insulting ploy… They’ve invented some kind of silly hassle, just so fewer of us will bother to claim the money we were promised.
  2. By now, it should be easy to sync our cell phones with our computers. This one comes oh so close. The Breeze and my Mac can shake hands and talk to each other over Bluetooth. The Breeze address book can even accept some of the fields in the Apple Address Book program… but NOT phone numbers! I can transfer names and e-mail addresses onto my new phone automatically, but I’m going to have to re-type all the freakin’ phone numbers by hand.