9 Mar 2008 8:06 am   //   Filed under: Music

Sia sells sea shells

I saw the brilliant/crazy singer Sia last night with at Webster Hall. (Also attending were some of my Brooklyn friends and a coworker who writes the Sheena Beaston music blog, which you should totally check out.) Sia is a whimsical, Muppet-like character who grins at the crowd like it’s the first time she’s ever been outside and is trying to stay composed. Her costume includes clashing plaids and a couple of scarves, which she occasionally trades with members of the audience. The music is poppy enough to get stuck in your head on the first listen. Sia’s album is called “Some People Have Real Problems.”

They do – Like the opening act, Har Mar Superstar, a sweaty, pudgy, foul-mouthed guy whose act consists of stripping down to his briefs. Amazing.

An aside: While this was (in my skewed estimation) a very cool concert, Webster Hall is probably the least-cool place below 42nd Street to see a show. It’s like the Las Vegas version of what people think a New York City dance club is supposed to be like.