11 Dec 2008 9:00 am   //   Filed under: Hard times

Give give give

Please pardon this unusually preachy blog post. I promise this won’t become a habit.

This holiday season, many nonprofit organizations are preparing for financial shortfalls. Corporate giving is down and it’s a bad year for investments. At the same time, demand is high for charities that help disadvantaged people or otherwise provide comfort in hard times. Donating your coats and food and toys is helpful, but the way we solve most problems in our world is with money. If you can afford it, give a little more this year. You probably know of some worthy organizations that could use the help. Here are a few I’m familiar with:

  • Church World Service. A no-nonsense aid group that works to fight poverty and hunger.
  • The Doe Fund. A New York organization that helps homeless people achieve self-sufficiency.
  • The Lance Armstrong Foundation. A source of hope for people affected by cancer.
  • If you have one, consider giving to your house of worship, or to one you attended as a child or as a student.
  • Think about a moment over the past year when you were moved by a work of art or performance. Consider supporting one of the many arts organizations that enrich our lives.