16 Dec 2008 2:03 pm   //   Filed under: Transit

More train news!

The Jersey casinos are about to launch a new Atlantic City Express Service train departing from Penn Station on weekends. Behold the ACES train! Service starts Feb. 6 and costs $50 each way for the two-hour, fifty-minute trip. Most intriguing: You can rent the lounge in the rear of the train for a private party. I don’t enjoy casinos, but I will probably take this train at some point any way just to check it out.

I’m curious about which tracks the train uses. NJ Transit will operate the service, and the ACES train will make just one stop between New York and Atlantic City: Newark. The map on the Web site seems to show the train continuing along the Northeast Corridor rather than the North Jersey Coast Line (which doesn’t run all the way to Atlantic City.) I’m a little fuzzy on how the train gets to Atlantic City without going through Philadelphia, unless maybe it does and the map just doesn’t show it?