13 Mar 2008 1:00 pm   //   Filed under: Labeling

Do you like Stuff White People Like?

An actual e-mail conversation with a (non-white) coworker:

On 3/12/08 4:15 PM, <coworker> wrote:

You tell me…


On 3/12/08 4:29 PM, <daryl> wrote:

This is very close to being funny, but I can’t quite put my finger on why it isn’t. There’s something missing. It’s really a blog about yuppies, and most white people aren’t yuppies and not all yuppies are white.

I know what’s missing — we don’t have an up-to-date word for “yuppy” yet.

On 3/12/08 4:30 PM, <coworker> wrote:

How’s “Hipster”?

On 3/12/08 4:36 PM, <daryl> wrote:

Close, but hipster implies a level of coolness, youth and wealth that doesn’t match this list.

We’re missing an all-encompassing word for trendy-nerdy, college-educated, middle-class people.