17 Jan 2009 3:07 pm   //   Filed under: Food & drink

The password is “Mint Mojito”

The people in charge of America’s chewing gum supply should be put in charge of curing cancer – ’cause they’re doing a freakin’ amazing job with gum. For as long as I can remember, gum has been getting better. We’re in a golden age of gum.

I’m a fan of the super-strong Dentyne Ice gum that comes in the black package. But about a year ago, a guy I know from church introduced me to a new flavor of Wrigley’s Orbit gum called Mint Mojito. He spoke about it in such glowing terms I thought he must be joking. He wasn’t. It’s simply amazing gum. Since then, every time I notice someone chewing it, I say, “Hey, I chew that gum too.” And suddently we’ve bonded, as if we’re both instantly in on a little secret. Now you’re in on it, too. Try it.