18 Feb 2009 10:24 pm   //   Filed under: Media, Over!

Delonas kills the editorial cartoon

The problem with Sean Delonas’s New York Post cartoon isn’t that it’s racist. It probably isn’t. The problem is that it’s idiotic. “That stimulus bill is so bad a monkey could have written it! Gawrsh!”

Who’s the audience for this bad stand-up schlock? Children?┬áDoesn’t the mess we’re in demand smart, funny, cutting humor? Aren’t we, as Americans, better than this?

We have evolved a lot since the days of Thomas Nast and Boss Tweed. Even our best editorial cartoonists, like Tom Tomorrow and Ted Rall, are fading quickly from the landscape as alt weeklies whither. Taking their place are a whole new generation of multimedia humorists. Now we’ve got The Onion, SNL, Comedy Central, and everybody who’s ever cut a snicker-worthy political video for YouTube. While Delonas was finishing his cartoon, a thousand bloggers and a million Twitter users were spewing out witty commentary on the stimulus bill. The stuff you read on Wonkette is better than any op-ed cartoon.

An editor at the Post should have caught the unintended, racist double-meaning of this cartoon and rejected it. But speaking to a bigger issue, why are newspapers still printing totally lame editorial cartoons? The editorial cartoon is dead. Thanks for reminding us, Delonas.