4 Mar 2009 7:50 am   //   Filed under: Hard times, Movies

The economy needs you to watch the Watchmen

“Watchmen” is a tentpole. Some big movies are so important that they’re expected to generate enough money to prop up countless smaller, riskier movies that won’t be as popular. “Watchmen” (which opens Friday, and which I haven’t seen) is so huge and so hyped that it practically has to support an entire media empire.

If “Watchmen” flops, Time For Kids might go out of business. (I’m exaggerating, but only a little.)

Problem is, “Watchmen” looks disappointing. Maybe not a flop on the scale of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” but quite possibly as bad as “V for Vendetta.” I was excited about the movie about a month ago when I read the comic book and wrote a story about a photo book connected to the film. But for several reasons, my enthusiasm has waned. Part of it was reading the last few pages of the comic and not wishing to see those appallingly violent scenes translated to a big screen. The blame also lies with my short attention span: I can’t stay interested in a movie for more than a couple of days, and a month of pre-opening publicity is three weeks too much. The reviews haven’t helped, though bad reviews alone are not a reason to avoid a movie. Either way, my current sentiment is this: I will probably see “Watchmen,” but if I don’t, oh well. I expect many of you feel the same way.

To this, I say: Buck up! Our economy needs us to spend money! A few million $12 movie tickets are quite possibly the only things standing between 86,000 Time Warner employees and the unemployment line. Go see this mediocre film! Watch the Watchmen – for America!