24 Mar 2008 7:00 am   //   Filed under: Brooklyn, Failure

This Ikea is going to suck

Ikea, Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York

Why am I all hating on the Brooklyn Ikea before it’s even open? Two reasons.

1. Big box stores, even good ones, fall to pieces in Brooklyn. (Exhibit A: The Atlantic Terminal Target.)

2. There’s no way to get to it. Every Ikea I have ever seen sits next to an Interstate ramp. Not this one. It’s built on an old shipping pier. The F train is a 20-minute walk away. Cars (and delivery trucks and buses) will have to negotiate a labyrinth of four-way stops on the Red Hook street grid. The photo above – no kidding – shows the main road in. Can you picture this street the day after Thanksgiving?

More photos:

Ikea Red Hook, graffiti

Ikea, crane

Ikea, Brooklyn, under construction