17 Mar 2009 12:00 pm   //   Filed under: Media, Technology

One easy rule for social networking

Brandweek has an article about how Nutella (of all brands!) has met with outsize success in viral promotion of its product on Facebook. The article informs us:

“In the U.S., fans … are the backbone of Nutella’s brand outreach. Owned by Ferrero USA, Nutella spent just $300,000 on media in 2008. Nutella’s Facebook page was also created by a fan, not the company.”

There’s an important lesson here. If you’re a company, you shouldn’t try to force social media to do your bidding. Let the fans handle that. The only thing you can do is monitor social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to see if your branding is working. A brand succeeds when people like it. People like Nutella not just because it’s tasty, but because it’s very, very good at being Nutella. Which brings us to Daryl’s one easy rule for social networking strategy:

Don’t suck at what you do.

That was true before social networking and it’s true now. And it will be true long after Facebook gets acquired by Google (or God-knows-who) or runs out of money and shuts down.