18 Mar 2009 10:57 pm   //   Filed under: Photos, Transit

New subway station!

Have you ever seen a New York City subway station this clean?

Seen here is the new South Ferry station in Lower Manhattan on the Seventh Avenue line, which on Monday became the first new subway station to open in New York City since 1989. It’s not actually a new stop; it merely replaces the old South Ferry station. The old station was over 100 years old and built on a looping turnaround, and thus only able to accommodate half of a 10-car subway train. (Conductors announced that riders had to be in the first five cars if they wanted to get out there.) The turnabout is closed, and the new station includes two tracks for arriving and departing 1 Trains, as well as a connection to the Broadway line (R and W trains). More pictures below.