5 Apr 2009 7:00 am   //   Filed under: Transit

The “Long Train”

According to The Daily News, the MTA did a test-run of an F Train with eleven cars, instead of the usual ten (or eight, depending on the kind of car they’re running). The Long Train would help alleviate overcrowding on the F line, one of the slowest, twistiest and most problem-prone subway lines.

Difficulty: The platforms aren’t long enough to accommodate 11 cars. And the MTA can’t invest any money in making things better right now.

My prediction is that crowding will go down once 30-day Metrocards go up to $103 (from $81). A lot of people will start walking, driving, riding bikes, or hopping turnstiles.

(Pictured: Manhattan-bound F Train departing Smith and 9th, 2005)