8 Apr 2009 10:00 am   //   Filed under: Technology

Why have multiple Twitter accounts?

All the advice about Twitter from social networking experts could fill a book. (Aside: How do these experts make money? Anybody know?) Oh wait—it actually has filled a book. (So that’s how they make money!) For a messaging service that limits you to 140 characters, Twitter sure has spawned a lot of verbose experts. A strict science is evolving around Twitter, devoted to the universal goal of amassing and retaining the largest group of followers possible. There are rules.

I am not a fan of rules. So I have two Twitter feeds.

One is pdnonline, where I follow the rules. Technically this account is not really mine. I created this account for my company, and it’s the voice of the magazine where I work. However, I write all of it. I try very hard to keep it useful, interesting and on-topic. I promote it ceaselessly. And it works! We have more than 2,600 followers and growing.

My other Twitter feed is daryllang, which is mirrored as my Facebook status update and appears in the headline feed on my home page. I don’t follow any rules with it, and I don’t care. I have abandoned any misguided notion that Twitter skills will help my career. (Confidential to fellow journalists: The sooner you realize this, the better.) The only reason to post on my personal Twitter account is for fun, and when it stops being fun, I stop doing it. I have a paltry 117 followers on my daryllang account. I think that’s perfect.