3 May 2009 9:30 pm   //   Filed under: Hard times

The year of down 30%

Over time we expect most things to get a little bigger, a little better. Not this year. Right now, stuff is down 30 percent.

Stock prices. Car sales. New York City tax revenue. Advertising at newspapers and some magazines. The list goes on. If you read a lot of business news you’ll the number 30% a lot (often in parenthesis).

There are some good things about this sinking decline. Suppose you do ten things every day. Now you have a free pass to re-prioritize and only do the seven things you’re best at, and do more of them. But for the most part, the situation sucks. Everybody who still has a job is working really hard, and it’s frustrating to do that and see 7/10 of last year’s results.

Here are some things I wish were down 30 percent:

  • Rent.
  • The cost of a Nintendo Wii.
  • Traffic merging from 17th Street onto the Prospect Expressway.
  • Panhandling in the subway.
  • The amount of coffee I drink every day.
  • The cost of renting a car in New York City.
  • The number of TV news helicopters.
  • The volume of the music in most bars and restaurants.