12 Apr 2008 8:00 am   //   Filed under: Transit

Stand clear of the closing doors please

New York R-160 subway car

A few days ago, the subway began rolling the new R-160 cars on the M line. These cars have already been phased in on a couple of other lines. Everyone agrees they’re the best of the fleet and have lots of improvements over the old cars. Significantly, they have digital recordings of all the announcements.

Now we can finally settle — once and for all — the proper way to pronounce DeKalb Avenue!

Is the De like the De in Delicious or the De in DeLorean? Is the a in Kalb like the u in Cull or like the o in Cow?

For both questions, the first is right, per the announcement. Say it: “DEE-culb.”

Now we wait for the MTA to introduce the new cars on the G or A or C line, so we can learn how to say “Schermerhorn.”