19 May 2009 7:13 am   //   Filed under: Food & drink, New York is different

Does food taste better from a truck?

It’s Mister Softee season, but old-school ice cream trucks risk being driven out of town by a new wave of gourmet food trucks now overrunning New York. Of course there’s the Mud Truck (pictured in a Holga photo from March 2008), actually a fleet of trucks that have been pouring strong black coffee for years. But now there are more. Unlike conventional ice cream trucks, these new gourmet food carts don’t blast computerized music while cruising slowly up your block. They show up somewhere and park for the day. CNet had a story yesterday about food trucks using Twitter to tell people where they are.

In Union Square, a new truck offers pizza, which is incredible given the amount of heat required to make pizza. (The entire back of this truck is an industrial oven. It must weigh ten tons.) A Belgian waffle truck makes regular weekend appearances in Park Slope, and presumably elsewhere. I spotted a gourmet ice cream truck parked at Union and 5th in the Slope last week, painted with pastel colors and descriptive copy about all-natural ingredients. Imagine that: An ice cream truck!

If you were to start a food truck, what would you sell?

Also, where would you use the bathroom and wash your hands?