23 May 2009 7:21 am   //   Filed under: Movies, Review

Review of “Star Trek”: Half of Four Stars

Last night we went to see “Star Trek” at the Regal Battery Park Stadium 11. We like this cinema because it’s in a bad location and nobody goes there. As always, we got great seats.

I’m not a Trekkie, but I’ve always enjoyed Star Trek films, and I was excited about this revitalization of the franchise. The previews started rolling at 7:20, and the movie started soon after. At about 8:30, the whole screen went dark. A few minutes passed and the movie sputtered to life again, only to cut out again after a few seconds. A woman from the theater, presumably the manager, entered and apologized. She said they were working on the problem in the projector booth. She gave us an update every few minutes until finally it emerged that the projector was totally broken—no power—and we would all get free passes to a future movie. (Credit to this manager for handling this disappointing situation exactly right.)

Since we only saw about half the movie, here’s half a review of it.

I really like what director J.J. Abrams has done with “Star Trek.” Expecially the beginning—five minutes of breathless action in which a man dies and a boy is born and two gigantic spacecraft are destroyed. THIS is how to start a movie! THIS is what we’re paying to see! The movie stays strong from then on, following the life of James T. Kirk on his way to Starfleet Academy and, ultimately, as a crew member aboard the Starship Enterprise. When the Enterprise is sent to answer a mysterious distress call from Vulcan,

– End –