10 Jun 2009 6:56 am   //   Filed under: Art

Change we can believe in

On my recent trip to Ohio I got two of the new pennies back in change. First time I’ve seen them. I received the second of four 2009 commemorative penny designs honoring President Lincoln’s 200th birthday. It shows, according to the U.S. Mint, “a young Lincoln educating himself while working as a rail splitter in Indiana.”

Currency design is hard, and trying to tell a man’s life story on the reverse side of a tiny coin is nearly impossible. I’m not crazy about the Lincoln log design, but it was the first time in memory that I actually stopped to look at a penny. The standard penny design is so familiar that we couldn’t evaluate it if we wanted to. This new series is the American penny’s chance to say “Look at me! Pay attention!” This is a good thing. It manages to make the penny less annoying!

That’s my two cents anyway. What do you think of Lincoln thinkin’?