16 Apr 2008 9:56 pm   //   Filed under: Misc

Iraqi photographer released from prison

My long-running coverage of imprisoned photojournalist Bilal Hussein continued today when Bilal was set free. I’ve written about 15 Bilal stories since 2006. Here are some highlights:

Today: After Two Years In U.S. Custody, Photographer Bilal Hussein Goes Free

Today: Lawyer: Only Two Witnesses Testified Against Bilal Hussein

Nov. 28, 2007: The Man From Fallujah

Nov. 27, 2007: Bilal Hussein Will Face Overloaded And Rushed Court System

Nov. 26, 2007: Interrorgators Told Bilal Hussein His Photos Were A Threat, Report Says

Sept. 18, 2006: AP: U.S. Has Held Iraqi Photojournalist For Five Months