21 Apr 2008 9:00 am   //   Filed under: Transit

Ghosts of the subway

Canal street abandoned ghost subway platformFrom Sunday’s Times:

“Other than subway buffs, few people know about this long-empty platform in the underbelly of the subway station at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.”

Subway buffs know about many others, too…

At few stations, dusty ghost platforms idle conspicuously next to the current platforms. Good examples are Chambers Street in Manhattan and Hoyt-Schermerhorn in Brooklyn.

If you’re waiting for an R train at City Hall on the Broadway line, peer down the blocked-off stairway and check out the unused lower level there.

There’s a seldom-seen ghost platform parallel to the JMZ line at Canal Street, so old that the tracks have been ripped out (see photo – shown through the gap in the wall on the uptown platform).

Some empty platforms are only visible from trains. There’s a slew of ghost platforms on the 6 line, including the shuttered 18th Street stop, the old Worth Street station just north of Brooklyn Bridge, and the famously abandoned original City Hall platform.

When the odd weekend F train runs on the Culver line express track, you can see the ghost platform below the Bergen Street stop. And on the BMT lines approaching the Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn, you can make out where the Myrtle Avenue stop used to be.

Much more of this stuff at nycsubway.org and Joseph Brennan’s Abandoned Stations.