26 Apr 2008 10:23 pm   //   Filed under: Movies, Transit

Tony Scott remaking 2 classic subway movies

Walking on Park Avenue above Grand Central today, I saw some “No Parking” signs for a movie shoot: “The Taking of Pelham 123.”

Say what? It turns out they’re remaking the greatest New York City subway movie ever made. The original “Taking of Pelham 123” came out in 1974. The plot concerns a downtown six train (which originates on the Pelham line in the Bronx) hijacked by a cadre of colorful criminals. Unlike some subway movies (ummm…. “Money Train“?) “Pelham” was obsessively faithful to true subway operations. There’s even a great stunt crash above the Astor Place station, right outside the building where I work.

The remaking of “Pelham 123” will star Denzel Washington and John Travolta. (Here’s the IMDB page.) I have just about forgiven Denzel for staring in a two-bit remake of another classic movie, “The Manchurian Candidate.” He won me back with “Inside Man.”

The director of the new “Pelham” movie is Tony Scott. His IMDB page shows he’s also directing a remake of the second-greatest New York City subway movie ever made: “The Warriors.” The IMDB page indicates that this remake is set in Los Angeles. Boo! Moving the Warriors is like moving the Dodgers.