28 Apr 2008 10:35 am   //   Filed under: Misc

Cell phone advice, please

Sometime this spring, my T-Mobile contract is up and I can get a new cell phone at a discount. I can also jump ship to another provider without paying a penalty. I have no idea what to do.

Currently I have a 600-minute voice plan (which is reasonable enough) and an orange Motorola PEBL, which looks cool but which I have never liked because of the bad keypad and bad software.

Other factors to consider: iPhones and other smart phones are out of the question because I do not want to pay for data service. I need a phone that works internationally, which (unless I am misinformed) limits me to T-Mobile or AT&T. I have had such a poor experience with the PEBL that I will not buy another Motorola product.

My question for you, dear readers: Are you happy with your cell phone? Why or why not?