20 Sep 2009 6:50 pm   //   Filed under: Brooklyn, Food & drink, Music, Travel

Top New York day

Lonely Planet guides often begin with the author’s “top day” in a particular location. My brother was visiting this weekend, and I think on Saturday we achieved my personal top day in New York City.

Here’s what we did. I’m going to include Friday and Sunday, just for good measure.


  • Dinner at Franny’s on Flatbush Ave in Brooklyn.


  • Breakfast at Lindo’s diner on 5th Ave in Brooklyn. Spinach and feta omelet, black coffee.
  • Grocery shopping at various markets along 5th Ave: Eagle Provisions, Lopez Bakery, Big Apple produce. Make turkey sandwiches for lunch.
  • Ride the subway into Manhattan. Go for a walk through High Line Park. Buy a cold soda and drink it outside on the folding chairs in the little traffic triangle at 14th Street and 9th.
  • Walk to the Lomography store on 8th Street and check out the funky cheap plastic cameras.
  • Walk through Washington Square Park, which is filled with people dressed like pirates for Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Beers at the Village Pourhouse on 3rd Ave, where a large group of well-mannered Virginia Tech alumni have crowded in to watch the Tech-Nebraska game on about 30 big TVs. Tech comes from behind and scores a winning touchdown with under 2 minutes on the clock. The place goes crazy.
  • Ride the subway back to Brooklyn. Stop for a slice at any random pizzeria.
  • Go see a concert at Southpaw on 5th Ave. Tonight: The Brooklyn Country Music Festival.


  • Bagels at the Bagel Factory on 5th Ave. in Brooklyn.
  • Church potluck lunch.
  • Unwind from the busy weekend with a long walk through the Green-Wood Cemetery.