15 Feb 2008 8:32 am   //   Filed under: New York is different, Transit

Conversations only New Yorkers understand

The scene: Aboard a downtown R train, between Union Square and 8th. I am leaning against the wall at the front of the car.

Passenger 1: This train goes to South Ferry, right?

Passenger 2: Yes.

[ Passenger 1 approaches the door at the front of the car and tries to open it, as if to walk from one car to another. It’s locked! The passenger rattles the door, getting increasingly frantic. ]

Me: That door isn’t going to open.

Passenger 1: I need to be in the front!

Me: Relax. This is an R. All the doors open at Whitehall.

Passenger 1: Oh, right! Thank you! [ Sits. ]