6 Dec 2009 6:17 pm   //   Filed under: Videos

New adventures in hi-def

For my birthday, I got a pocket-size high-def camcorder, the Kodak Zi8. Here is my first experiment with it—a video of my Gramma and my cousin Sandy visiting New York. I haven’t figured out exactly how to get the best video yet with this thing, so some of the shots are dim, shaky and out of focus. I’m trying two different versions here to see what looks best on the blog.

The first version was uploaded to YouTube in 1080 resolution:

The second version has music and was uploaded in 720 resolution:

(For those of you reading this on Facebook, here are links to the videos: 1080 version without music, 720 version with music.)

For now, it looks like 720 is the way to go. The resolution may be less sharp, but the frame rate of the bigger, 1080 video is so slow on my computer it’s difficult to watch. It also took much, much longer to process and upload the sharper video. With video technology, something just a little closer to perfect is always right around the corner. Still, I’m happy with this new camera and look forward to making more movies!