15 Jan 2010 6:46 am   //   Filed under: Brooklyn, New York is different

Need a spot? What’s it worth to ya?

A few years ago, a study found that 45 percent of the traffic in my neighborhood consists of drivers cruising for a parking space. Still, this sight is unusual even by Park Slope standards:

SUV with a sign that says Need a spot? TXT Pam to 95495

This vehicle, badged with bright green posters, has been parked in various spaces around 6th Avenue for a few days. What do you suppose happens when you send a text to that short code? Probably, it returns in an option to pay a fee in exchange for “Pam” coming out of her building and moving her SUV. (I didn’t test it because, despite my burning curiosity about how much that space costs, I don’t want this parking squatter to capture my cell phone number.)

Enterprise trumps neighborliness!