19 Jun 2008 7:39 am   //   Filed under: Stray data

Probably cool things I’m barely informed about

Today there are several excellent-sounding things I want to investigate further, but I have no time. None. So I’m posting these links somewhat blindly, on the hunch that they’ll be good.

  • Japhy links to the a video about a proposal to build a bullet train in California. Yes! Build it! After watching this 10-minute YouTube video, which I haven’t seen, I’m relatively sure you’ll be convinced too!
  • You Suck at Photoshop has returned with new episodes, according to Wired. I’ve never watched a single episode of this online tutorial/comedy sensation, but I imagine it’s a mildly hilarious diversion.
  • Writing in New York, Rex Sorgatz devotes a few thousand words to studying the idea of Microfame. Even thought I haven’t read it, I expect this is a reasonably well-done story that will remind you of many other pretty interesting New York magazine stories.