21 Mar 2010 9:28 pm   //   Filed under: Bicycles, New York is different

My health plan is a new bike

Your favorite bike shop is the one that sold you your last bike. Here’s my new favorite: Sid’s Bikes in Chelsea.

Saturday was the First Sunny Saturday Of The Year, which is an unofficial city holiday in New York. A lot of people, including me, took it as an excuse to go bike shopping. (I’m training for another Bike MS charity ride in May — I’ll start hounding you for contributions next month.)

In my experience, about half the bike shops in New York are run by crooks or assholes. When you find a good shop you stick with it; entering a unfamiliar bike shop can be a scary experience. On Saturday I went to three good shops run by nice bike people, plus Paragon sports, a big sporting goods store with a cycling department. I ended up buying a new road bike from Sid’s.

What influenced my choice? They had a great Cannondale in my budget, first of all. But I could tell they were a high-quality shop because they offered me a helmet when I went out for the test-ride. None of the other shops did. (Two shops sent me out without a helmet; Paragon was so mobbed I couldn’t even find anyone to even help me.) This told me Sid’s takes what they do seriously. It made buying a bike there a really easy decision.

I’m psyched to get some miles on this bike. Hoping for more sunny Saturdays!