1 Mar 2008 10:00 am   //   Filed under: Transit, Videos

Original video: The secret subway station

Beneath New York’s City Hall lies an abandoned subway station, one of the city’s first. Ornately decorated with tiled arches, it was a point of civic pride when it opened in 1904. Unfortunately, its curved platform too small to accommodate today’s modern trains. The only way to see it (short of the occasional special tour) is by riding the downtown 6 Train to its last stop in Manhattan, then staying in your seat after the doors close. Other passengers might throw you an odd look, but hold your ground. The train will make a loop through the old City Hall station as it circles around to the uptown platform. Here’s an original video (shot in February) of what you’ll see out of the right-hand window.

(Click here or here if you have any trouble viewing the video above.)